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July 07, 2007
Journey Story: The Concert canceled by Promotor
LAST TIMES had been announced that bandgroup DEWA will perform concert in 6 town in Indonesia, among others is Yogyakarta, Malang, Denpasar, Surabaya, Cirebon and Semarang. According to schedule, the concert performance. started by 25 Februari until 21 Marchs 2001 coming. Simply the concert is canceled.

It is said reason of cancellation of concert is due to unstable factor of security and safety. Particularly, the concert performance. he said will be recorded in a VCD and cassette. So thereby making of DEWA 19 multiple Album perforced to be delayed.

According To Management Office Proxy of DEWA, Cahyadi Juniarso, the cancellation comes from the side of promotor themself, namely MSM Production, what floated a few weeks before concert. " We cannot do something, except feeling regret," said Cahyadi.

It is really regrettably, because according to the plan, concert in the six towns also will be exploited for making of VCD as according to request of the devotees to make VCD live.

The Reason Is VCD will be given title “MAHA GURU” following two cassettes. " according to the plan, the album contains 30 songs. And, altogether is taken away from concert live," explains Cahyadi.

Then how to that request of the devotee quickly realize? It is said for present, group gate by Dhani (the leader of DEWA, keyboard), Andra ( guitar), Erwin ( bass), Once ( vocal), and Tyo Nugros ( drum) this is compiling concert schedule in Jakarta.

From the concert hence will be packed into VCD live. " We will make concert which representatif, either technical element and also technical xenon. We wish soon realizes double the album," says Cahyadi. (2001)

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