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DEWA-19, Ahmad Dhani & Baladewa are amazing for us. And now: Ari Lasso, Once Dewa, Maia Ahmad, Mulan Kwok, Ratu, and Dewi-Dewi are very Famous. They're Dewa products. Really, Dewa 19 is Amazing!

July 07, 2007
Journey Story: The Concert canceled by Promotor
LAST TIMES had been announced that bandgroup DEWA will perform concert in 6 town in Indonesia, among others is Yogyakarta, Malang, Denpasar, Surabaya, Cirebon and Semarang. According to schedule, the concert performance. started by 25 Februari until 21 Marchs 2001 coming. Simply the concert is canceled.

It is said reason of cancellation of concert is due to unstable factor of security and safety. Particularly, the concert performance. he said will be recorded in a VCD and cassette. So thereby making of DEWA 19 multiple Album perforced to be delayed.

According To Management Office Proxy of DEWA, Cahyadi Juniarso, the cancellation comes from the side of promotor themself, namely MSM Production, what floated a few weeks before concert. " We cannot do something, except feeling regret," said Cahyadi.

It is really regrettably, because according to the plan, concert in the six towns also will be exploited for making of VCD as according to request of the devotees to make VCD live.

The Reason Is VCD will be given title “MAHA GURU” following two cassettes. " according to the plan, the album contains 30 songs. And, altogether is taken away from concert live," explains Cahyadi.

Then how to that request of the devotee quickly realize? It is said for present, group gate by Dhani (the leader of DEWA, keyboard), Andra ( guitar), Erwin ( bass), Once ( vocal), and Tyo Nugros ( drum) this is compiling concert schedule in Jakarta.

From the concert hence will be packed into VCD live. " We will make concert which representatif, either technical element and also technical xenon. We wish soon realizes double the album," says Cahyadi. (2001)

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June 25, 2007
The Journey: Shock Malaysia with Bintang Lima
THOUGH new album owned group of music DEWA having title “Bintang Lima” has circulated sufficiently long in Indonesia, but in Malaysia is just circularized around two months ago. The album simply gets remarkable greeting from public Malaysia.

This thing is proven when Dewa performs a promotion-tour in Malaysia performed in Hard Rock Café Kualalumpur (January15, 2001). In the concert performance, DEWA greeted by 700 audiences building drug, and noted by around 400 others who beyond the building. Besides DEWA is including group of first band bouncing Indonesian song in Hard Rock Café.

According to Didit, the manager of DEWA who escorts the tour, confess has just been is this, there are artist enabled by singing Indonesian songs in one of cafe in Kualalumpur. While the regulation is every coming up artist must bring English-speaking song, without aside. " We really feels is respectable hears explanation from the cafe organizer," express Didit.

From the journey of the promo-tour in Malaysia, confessed DEWA is which is first. Of course the personnel of DEWA surprises with greeting which they received from the the devotees in Malaysia. But the surprise taste becomes separate pride, because some of they have knocked by heart with songs Dewa. (sponsored by Ampeg & Ritmuller Guitars, Cannon, Technics)

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June 21, 2007
The 13th DEWA 19 ANNIVERSARY: Ari Lasso Coming-Up ...
It is not as usual, Hard Rock Café at Monday night ( August28, 2000) crowded with visitor, even to abundant out building. They is devotee of Dewa 19 usualy is called as Baladewa. Though event of commemoration of the 13th anniversary of Dewa 19 is just performed at 11.00pm, but one hours before all, the visitors has raced along to the hotspot which located in Jl. MH. Thamrin, Central Jakarta.

Even most of visitor must satisfy enjoys show of the idol band-group is from outside building, because building capacities just for 600 persons. Coming temporary more than 1,500.

The songs of Aspirasi Putih, Manusia Biasa, and Aku Milikmu is bounced nicely. The situation so glorious because the audiences partakes dances and dissolves in oscillation of music. Caught up then song Kuldesak and Persembahan Dari Surga taken away from The Best of Dewa album.

The situation increasingly warmness when Ahmad Dhani calls the former of vocalist Dewa 19 to present and singing in the special event. He is Ari Lasso. His voice which typically bouncing song " Cinta ‘kan Membawamu Kembali" accompanied by the keyboard of Ahmad Dhani.

Simply the return of Ari comes up with Dewa at the night gets hilarious greeting from the Baladewa. They still come in waves (reverberate) the vocalist which formerly they have ever worshiped that. Do not have the power arrest; detaining emotion, some people do not have the power arrest;detaining tear to hear dulcet voice of Ari bouncing lilting romantic song of slow. Song " Cinta ‘Kan Membawamu Kembali" of course has sticked with Ari’s vocal.

"Ari…Ari…Ari…!" rallying call of audience always reechoed asks that Ari to ready singing again. But practically, Ari is not a vocalist of Dewa again, he then downwards and the position returns to occupied by ONCE. Hereinafter, the voice of ONCE which the night amuses the audiences. Still, ONCE also still be greeted by the hearers, more than anything else when he bounce single hit Roman Picisan.

"This really surprise, presents it Ari at the really night makes I am wonderful, Amazing!" said one of audience that is also hopes can meet with Wong Aksan, former-drummer of Dewa 19.

Like within reason event of anniversary, the night waxy blower also is done. The audiences asks that Ari breezing it, but then the blower only done by Tyo and Dhani. The Solo Drum Attraction by Tyo Nugros to get applaud a real hilarious from audience. In between the abundance audiences, seems to present some personnel of Band-group: Slank, Gigi, Neutral and Ada Band.

"Intentionally we are invite Ari Lasso in this special event, because though he is not anymore as the vocalist of Dewa, but he is a part of us," says Dhani. Nonetheless, seems to desire of Baladewa that Ari can return to strengthens Dewa must be buried in. " No intend to interesting of Ari returns," says Dhani. The statement of was strengthened by Ari, " No I’m not, I will not return again. Without me too, they can stand up. When DEWA still be identical with me, probably because has not accustomed," says Ari the night.

When show would soon after, the audiences has not also bolts from the place. Voice returns vociferously when Ari to come up for at twice in the end of that event. This, he is having duet with ONCE. The song of Kamulah Satu-satunya bounced to be dulcet from their voice. Ari Lasso and Once seen very the night intimate, they is each other embrace and show how brotherly position and this thing gives a real circumstantial impression in the heart of the devotees.

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