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DEWA-19, Ahmad Dhani & Baladewa are amazing for us. And now: Ari Lasso, Once Dewa, Maia Ahmad, Mulan Kwok, Ratu, and Dewi-Dewi are very Famous. They're Dewa products. Really, Dewa 19 is Amazing!

June 11, 2007
Tyo Brief History
His full-name is Setyo Nugroho or usually is called Tyo Nugros. Tyo is borne in Jakarta, 21 Decembers 1970. Tyo which learnt in Percussions Institute of Technology ( PIT) Musicians Institute ( MI), Hollywood - American, have ever met with many people, for example Joe Porcaro (father of TOTO drummer, Jeff Porcaro, late.). From there he learnt all about the technical drummed, it is how to hold stick and he also gets lesson of all music types, jazz, metal, and others.

From so much people, Tyo assumes Matt Laug ( drummer which cooperated with Alanis Morissette and The Corrs) as one who very stands in forming his self as drummer. Now, blow taught by Laug that is which many applied Tyo to till the music of Dewa 19. Tyo also have ever been merged into group of Getah ( Underground Gothic),Sic Mynded ( Underground Gothic), Fariz RM Trio ( Pop Creative), Haris Ioni Band ( Funky Rock) and Ahmad Band ( Alternative Rock). And becomes Additional Musician for musicians and other singer like : Daughter, Ari Lasso, Baron, Tere, Reza, Iwan Fals and others.

Tyo Profile
Height : 173 cm cm
Weight : 67 kg
Hobby : Reading, watching, drawing, sightseeing
Shirt Size : M - L
Shoe Size : 43 / 9
Pants Size: 31
Favorite Food : chicken roasted meat, pempek Palembang, Chicken Steak, Popcorn
Unfavorite Food : Pete&jengkol, Kikil, Muscle Meatball (Indonesia: Baso Urat)
Favorite Drink: Fruity Juice, Green Coconut Ice, Lemon Tea, Champagne, Wine
Unfavorite Drink : Herbal Tonic (Indonesia: Jamu)
Bad Habits : Hardly Sleepy and Hardly to Wake-up right away
Bad Character: Easy Bored
Odious Character: Intervention my business, disturbed my privacy
Favorite Song (DEWA) : Cemburu (need to very high skill)
Unfavorite Song (DEWA) : Cinta @ Misteri
Complicated Song of DEWA : Cemburu
Easily Song of DEWA : Lagu Cinta
Favorite City to Concert : Bandung
The Commotion and Fuss City in Concert : Cirebon
Favorite Idle Place : Café (in Senayan Plaza)
Very Desired Man to Meet : Monica Bellucci, Jacky Chan
Favorite Pets : Dog, Panda, Tiger, chimpanzee
Unfavorite Pets : Cockroach, Mosquito, fly&bluebottle
Favorite Fruits : Plenty…
Unfavorite Fruits : Lime

Tyo Lustfulness
The legend favorite Band : The Police, Casiopea, Uzeb, Chick Corea Electric Band, Yes, King Crimson
Favorite Recent Band : Dream Theater, Radio Head, Dave Matthews Band, Planet X
Favorite Keyboardist : Eddie Jobson, Chick Corea
Favorite Guitarist : Steve Vai, Steve Lukather
Favorite Bassist : Sting, Alain Caron
Favorite Drummer : Phill Collins, Bill Bruford, Dave Weckl, Stewart Copeland
Favorite Vocalist (Female): Bjork, Tori Amos
Favorite Vocalist (Male) : Seal, David Lee Roth, Peter Gabriele, Nik Kershaw
Favorite Movie : All Movie of Bruce Lee, Rush Hour, Saving Private Ryan, Friday 13th
Favorite TV Serial Film : -
Favorite Actor/ Actress : Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Collin Farrell, Monica Belluci
Favorite Model : Gizelle, Rebeca Romijn Stamos
Favorite Resort : Hawaii, Universal Studio
Pride Vehicle : Rolls Royce, Sport Vehicle

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