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DEWA-19, Ahmad Dhani & Baladewa are amazing for us. And now: Ari Lasso, Once Dewa, Maia Ahmad, Mulan Kwok, Ratu, and Dewi-Dewi are very Famous. They're Dewa products. Really, Dewa 19 is Amazing!

May 02, 2007
The History of DEWA-DHANI [part two]
Then in making of the next album of Dewa applies additional music for the drummer which inter alia : Ronald and Rere. After album in the title of "Terbaik - Terbaik" completed, admission Wong Aksan occupies position of drummer. But having completed making of album Pandawa Lima, on 04 Junes 1998 Wong Aksan released from Dewa 19, because drum blow Aksan is assessed to leads to jazz and instead admission Bimo Sulaksono ( former member of Netral) because is felted that Dewa 19 would concentration of rock music stream, and requires a drummer typically game of rock. Bimo also finally exits from this group and joints forces with Bebi to form group Romeo.

Between commutation problem of DEWA 19 personnel is, there are still heavier other problem that is two personnel of DEWA 19: Ari & Erwin experiences of drugs dependency. This Situation causes DEWA 19 vacuum temporary in Indonesia music. Ari Lasso a real difficult to be contacted have time to cause Album "BINTANG 5" to delay. Erwin sets mind on rehabilitation admission in Pesantren Institution to eliminate habit of the obsolence. Finally after passing time sufficiently long Erwin successfully full-recovers and starts prepares his self to finalize the 5th Album, though Erwin only as Additional player. But the problem doesn't end, because Ari Lasso increasingly difficult to be contacted, finally DEWA 19 sets mind on looks for substitution Vocalis which enlarge name of DEWA. Finally Dhani meets with Elfonda”Once”Mekel and invites to join. Because position of drummer still zero, DEWA also sets mind on looks for substitution Bimo. Coincidently Once has friend a Drummer that is Tyo Nugros which finally formal become drummer of DEWA.

After sufficiently long prepares matter for the 5th album having coronet “ Bintang Lima” in the year 2000 albums is success to release. Simply with commutation of 2 people personnel of DEWA, It brings fresh breeze, explosively of the 5th Album . Erwin returns to opening to become bassit Dewa. And expected this is last formation of Dewa. Success of fifth Album races Dewa for soon makes Album hereinafter, the 6th Album entitled “ Loves Love". This album drawn up maturedly and concepted, so that in range of time that is enough brief, The album is planned will be launched January 2002. When sixth album in the process, there is many emerging problems, i.a existence of song title case "Arjuna Mencari Cinta" sued and finally Dewa to set mind on changes the title becomes "Arjuna". Other problem is Dewa returns to must lose one of it's personnel.

Erwin steps back from Dewa. People say triggered by some things that is it is said cannot be tolerated again related to problem Manajemen. Deity sets mind on looks for substitution Erwin and emerges one names that is Yuke bassist band The Groove. Yuke is invited to joins as additional player. Frequently band group as of class DEWA 19 experiencing various problems which that changes-variety, this thing doesn't sort spirit of DEWA excise to. Even increasingly enlarges its name as Band which very flags in blantika Indonesia music. [the end]

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