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DEWA-19, Ahmad Dhani & Baladewa are amazing for us. And now: Ari Lasso, Once Dewa, Maia Ahmad, Mulan Kwok, Ratu, and Dewi-Dewi are very Famous. They're Dewa products. Really, Dewa 19 is Amazing!

June 11, 2007
Yuke Brief History
Yuke Sampurna which is more knowledgeable by the nickname for Yuke, borns in Bandung on 19 Junes 1968, he is youngest child out of ten having you result of nuptials between R.T.M Soebrata with Mrs. Suliningsih. Before taking a fancy to castanets Bass Yuke beforehand plays drum castanets (3rd class SMP NEGERI 7 Bandung). After admission SMA starts tries plays castanets with four strings that is Bass. Talent plays at the music obtained from both old fellows that is also skilled plays assorted of castanets like Guitar, violin and organ. And itself talent supported by ninth of people his brothers which also has talent and interest is in music.

Since Childhood Yuke lived in Bandung and has a real friend many, from SMP up to SMA. refraction of obsolescence at the time in SMP be liking having anthem because his hard character but easy to interact that is one of his individuality. In SMA, Yuke have time to follow group vowel extra curricular to reach college and starts play together interscholastic band as player Bass.

After failing to pass Diploma III (D3) Japan Art UNPAD (University of Padjadjaran) and D3 Tours & Travel STIEPAR, Yuke starts seriously to walk career in music line. Hereinafter he meets with Deta, Reza & Rika, they then forms a Band which so called "Odissey" which often cafes admission exit in Bandung brings songs disco 1980. After run 5 year, " Odissey" unloads personnel tide and around year of 1997 change names becomes " The Groove". In The year 1999 Yuke with his Band releasing first their album. Yuke is one of drive-making this band pierces Indonesia music arena with his own color.

When Yuke and his Band is often comes up in cafes, he meets with a girl is being looks on action the bandstand, the girl so called latter Namara Surtikanti complete more chummy in calling Kikan "COKELAT". After passing the engaged-process during approximately 2 year, Yuke ensures that Kikan is his soul-mate on 02 months February the year 2002. On 21 Januaries the 2003, the couples are bestowed by a daughter which in giving name of Shira Sampurna and on 27 Aprils 2004 increasingly even part they by bearing it second son which in giving name of Kei Sampurna.

At in the middle of the 2000, in one of cafe in Jakarta Yuke meets with Once & Tyo, they offer to assist DEWA TOUR in 36 towns as additional player and Yuke at that time still stiring with his Band. In the year 2002 Yuke returns to meeting with manager DEWA in one of shopping center in Jakarta and back gets secondary offering to assist Mistikus Tour as additional player. Yuke must take decision that is hardly difficult, after pass mature-thinking process, hence Yuke accepts the bargain. Finally, he is formally becoming one of the permanent personnel of DEWA as bassist.

Yuke Profile
Height : 174 cm
Weight : 54 kg
Hobby : Billiard, Remote Control Sport, Riding Moge (Big Motorcycle)
Shirt Size : S
Shoe Size : 41 / 7.5
Pants Size: 29
Favorite Food : Japanese Food & Sea Food
Unfavorite Food : Rendang (meat simmered in spices and coconut milk), fried rice
Favorite Drink: Beer, a cup of coffee , Kopyor Ice
Unfavorite Drink : Soft Drink
Bad Habits : Smoking Intensively
Bad Character: Easy Bored
Odious Character: disavow
Favorite Song (DEWA) : Cukup Siti Noerbaya (its bass is more interactive)
Unfavorite Song (DEWA) : Kosong
Complicated Song of DEWA : Cukup Siti Noerbaya
Easily Song of DEWA : Kamulah satu-satunya
Favorite City to Concert : Padang (Fresh city with beach panorama)
The Commotion and Fuss City in Concert : Aceh
Favorite Idle Place : Citos (Cilandak Town Square)
Very Desired Man to Meet : Sting, Allanis Morisette, Robert De Niro
Favorite Pets : Dog
Unfavorite Pets : Cat, Fly, Mosquito
Favorite Fruits : Peer, kedondong, bengkuang(juicy tuber)
Unfavorite Fruits : Marquisa
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