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DEWA-19, Ahmad Dhani & Baladewa are amazing for us. And now: Ari Lasso, Once Dewa, Maia Ahmad, Mulan Kwok, Ratu, and Dewi-Dewi are very Famous. They're Dewa products. Really, Dewa 19 is Amazing!

May 01, 2007
The History of DEWA-DHANI [part one]
In the year 1986, four students of SMPN 6 Surabaya starts embroiders dream respects to become famous musicians. Ably by the skin of one's teeth, they start carries banner so called DEWA. This name not simply overacting, but acronym from name of they are having four : Dhani Manaf [ Keyboard, Vowel], Erwin Prasetya [ Bass], Wawan Juniarso [ Drum], and Andra Junaidi [ Guitar]. At that time their craziness at musics had seen.It's not rarely each perforced to desert school, simply to be able to plays castanets. House Wawan in Jl. Darmawangsa Dalam Selatan No. 7 Surabaya, which located in the corner of Airlangga University Complex, becomes their station are because there is a set castanets although patch up but DEWA can exercise as his satisfied.

What differentiates Dewa with other Groups on Surabaya at the time is music colour which they played. If other groups fond of brings stream heavy metal property of Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, Deity emerges with property of Toto which more music stream tends to dressy of pop. Only altogether changed when Erwin which prefer tends to jazz presenting music fudion from Casiopea. Andra and Dhani which initialy always brings litling music of rock, finally follows him. The formation of Music stream of DEWA also shifts slowly, even they is not only plays Songs of Casiopea, but also masterpiece from other popular jazz musicians, as The Chick Corea or Uzeb. Dhani, Erwin, and Andra then then thinks about wishsing like Krakatau or Karimata, Others of Indonesian jazzy which very famous that moment. This Condition makes Wawan depression, this rock devotee feels DEWA has gone out line from rock stream. Finally Wawan decides exit from DEWA in 1988 and joints forces with other Outsider where Ari Lasso was exist here. Next year then cross to Pythagoras. Then his Position in DEWA is replaced by Salman, the senior in his school. Name Of DEWA also turns into Down Beat, taken away from an American popular jazz magazine

For surroundings of East Java, name of Down Beat enough to be recognized especially after successfully in festival podium championship, as "Festival Jazz Remaja se-Jawa Timur", prime champion of "Festival Band SLTA 1990" or champion II of "Jarum Super Fiesta Musik". Meanwhile, Pythagoras also successfully thus finalist of Indonesian Rock Festival, performed and promotored by Log Zhelebor. But for these guys which psychologically still in seeking of the spirit, jazz simply also only a sojourn. So after name of Slank flags their dream also changes. Wawan Juniarso soon is called again to start Dewa and Ari Lasso join. DEWA returns to straightening, but now the name of DEWA was changed to DEWA 19 because their average life is 19 years old.

As Does Slank, DEWA 19 also interlards having immeasurable music stream to grow into one style: pop, rock, even jazz, causing bears new alternative for that moment Indonesian music repertoire. Wawan classmate, Harun seemingly interested by the concept and soon liquefies fund 10 million rupiahs to capitalize his friends (DEWA 19) look for music sound stage. But Surabaya, there is no up to standard studio, they perforced to Jakarta though number of the funds explains by the skin of one's teeth. Finally they as possible costs effective: economize and economical. And, everything is done by themselves are including lifting goods etcetera. Here Their strength in the music are tested.

DEWA 19 Maiden's album, the title "19" has finished only in 25 shift. This is of course extraordinary for musicians measure create which is just steps on jungle capital. With master on-hand, Dhani having guerrilla out of one record companies to another. Whereas Erwin, Wawan, Andra and Ari bes awaiting it'sresult in Surabaya. Have several time to be refused, the master finally peeped at by Jan Djuhana from Team Records, which succeeded lobs Kla Project. And disguessfully, sale number of album 19 bursting in Indonesia market, after passing number 300.000 copies, and BASF rewards them with two appreciations at the same time. Each to categorize Best Newbie and Best Seller Album 1993. In making of album Format "Masa Depan", Wawan Juniarso chooses exit from DEWA 19. The reason is, there are incompatibility with the management. ( be Continued....)

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